OCTOBER 2019 EDA INCLUSIVE by West Kennerly

Hello my lovelies,
  Baby me!! And rare song sighting!! Courtesy of my dear friend West Kennerly, this month's EDA blog features one of my first interviews after I got signed in San Diego. And... I clearly never suffered poorly phrased questions gladly... that poor guy! I swear I have gotten a little better at it... a little... Take it away West:

For October’s EDA inclusive I found a wonderful time capsule buried in the archives from nearly 25 years ago. On March 2, 1995, Jewel appeared on a local San Diego TV show to talk about her Pieces Of You CD release show she was doing that night. Th
e TV station did a nice job covering the local music scene back then, but this was an early morning broadcast, so it’s unlikely many people saw it. As an added bonus, she played a short version of an extraordinary song called "501 Beauty Queen."

      Looking back, this was a pivotal moment where everything rapidly changed. Jewel had just finished a residency tour, and was about to embark on another. There were two sold out shows that night at the Hahn Cosmopolitan theater in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego. Unfortunately we didn’t shoot that night. However, I recall seeing some news crews, so I’ll keep searching the archives and share what I find in a future blog. Until then, enjoy this trip back in time!

      Cheers, West Kennerly