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My Mission

Music has always been a source of healing and inspiration for me. From homeless to happiness, my lyrics helped me shatter depression and learn to know what love is. My hope is that anyone who is struggling in darkness seeking to know their light might be helped by witnessing what I have gone through. I want my music and content to be about the people I meet, with their challenges and real life solutions, along with the universal principles that will make our world a better place.

Jewel Signature

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. Your role is vital and important and your children get so much from you that no one else can give. When they bond with you, it sets up how they will bond with all men. by just being there they know they can depend on men and the love they provide. And all the other things you do from playing to supporting the family in all the ways you do are innumerable in how they show your child how to be in the world. I salute all fathers. And I salute all the single fathers who might be out there. Being a single parent is hard, and I know some single dads who have stepped up to be everything for their kids. And to my dad! Dad, you stepped up after the divorce and raised me and the boys and I am forever grateful for that act alone. I learned to be creative from you. I learned writing songs wasn’t hard- it was just what people did. And that turned into a living for me that has been beyond my wildest dreams. You taught me what porcupines sound like climbing trees, how to identify tracks, how to listen for bears, how to ride, and how to care for the land. You taught me to work hard. You taught me to be curious and open to other ways of thinking and to embrace other cultures. And the most extraordinary thing is that you taught me people do change. You have given me and kase the best gift any dad can - a sober , loving gentle man who has embraced his past and transmuted all your painful experiences into beauty. That’s a feat few tackle - and you did so with a tenacity that is heroic. Your talent with words, your book, your many albums, your basket weaving and your endless curiosity are just part of the legacy Kase will get to inherit. I’m so lucky kase gets to know you and learn from you. We are lucky and grateful and blessed beyond measure. Happy Father’s Day! @atzkilcher and happy Father’s Day to @atzlee @shanekilcher @nikoskilcher - you are all amazing fathers !