Hello, darlings!

And greetings from the Gulf Coast in Florida! Now that the main part of my promo is over for the book and CD, I am enjoying a little one on one time with Kase. He was quite the trooper as I worked- it was definitely the most I was working since he was born, and I was a little nervous how he would handle it. The first week, I worked half days, basing myself out of Nashville. I would get to hang with him all morning, then leave in the afternoon and fly out to a book singing and back late that night. The second week, he was with his dad in Texas, and then the third week he traveled with me and we did a new city every day, and he held up better than I did!

It has been heart-warming to hear your responses to my book and CD - it was so much work to get them out there, and one never knows while creating the art if it will be received or perceived as hoped. My life has been such a crazy ride, and learning to transmute pain into understanding and to learn to be ever more yielding and open has been a real blessing.

I have been working hard to create a website that will accompany the book, so that if any of you want to bring about change into your lives, and be around a community of people who are also interested in being the architects of their own lives, you will have a place to go and practice the simple axioms that helped me change my life time after time and to rise and heal.

At the end of the book, I discuss about 20 life changing realizations that became mottos or values I chose to live by, which helped me create change in my life. Something I did not talk a lot about in the book were the daily exercises I invented attached to these, to help me learn new emotional habits. So it is these that I elaborate on and build out, so that all of you might be able to see if they work for you as well as they did for me. I also want to create a community where you can reach out to one another for help, encouragement, and accountability. I wanted to create a community where there are like minded folks from different walks of life who can use one another as resources and to remember we are not alone on our quest to find meaning and purpose and fulfillment in our lives. This is something my EDA's have already done so well, and it is my hope we can build on that sense of community and camaraderie.

Eventually I want this to be an even broader lifestyle portal, where you all can come to watch webinars and speeches on a variety of topics, such as personal growth, but also in other areas such parenting, from the pros and cons of breast feeding to positive discipline for toddlers to education choices for our children. I want it to become a place other authors come to speak, and you can sign up to hear them on a variety of topics. It will be a place I can share alternative herbal options for health issues from allergies to immune boosting to nutrition. Recipes that are good for our taste buds and for our whole health, this will be a portal to things that support a whole human, from sexuality to intellectual pursuits to beauty, to food and wellness and fitness and parenting. All through the lens of making sure each topic is approached with our shared values in mind - for us to maximize and support the whole human. no short cuts - just real solutions that work and are also good for us, our families and our communities. But I need to start somewhere - so it will be by building out the book practices. I will start with 10 of my take aways from the back of the book, and I will also be offering live webinars on each topic that you can join in live and ask questions as I talk about practical ways to apply it to your lives - and we can all practice together.

It’s been a lot to try and launch this while working promoting the book, but now that I am able to focus a little more off the road, I hope to have it up within a month or so. In the meantime, Kase and I are gearing up for Halloween, and we are looking forward to some trick or treating around

the Nashville area with Ty. We are all dressing up as super heroes this year- at Kase’s request, of course!

I hope you all had a festive and fun holiday, please send me pics of you dressed up on Facebook or Twitter - and I will do the same!