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My Mission

Music has always been a source of healing and inspiration for me. From homeless to happiness, my lyrics helped me shatter depression and learn to know what love is. My hope is that anyone who is struggling in darkness seeking to know their light might be helped by witnessing what I have gone through. I want my music and content to be about the people I meet, with their challenges and real life solutions, along with the universal principles that will make our world a better place.

Jewel Signature

I started singing with my family’s show when I was 5. It wasn’t the attention, it was the puzzle. Figuring out how to get what was in my head out of my mouth. It was hard. And I liked it. I had emotions swirling and colors blooming and bursting, and singing seemed to make it all dance and flow. I got signed at 19. That seems so young to me now. I was unprepared for the studio - singing live my whole life was hardly the preparation I thought it would be. I was a live singer- a bundle of raw emotion that emptied out of my mouth. It was about people in front of me , and feeling them and singing to their pain. To their stuck places. The hurt places in me found the hurt places in them, and the magic of music was this balm .. this medicine... this salve that connected us and healed us. The studio had no audience. No hearts. Just a weird glass booth where I heard myself too crisply and it was hard to find the emotion under the microscope. I cut my first album live in a coffee shop because I couldn’t figure out how to get an honest performance in the studio. It took me years and years to be able to bring feelings up the same way.... I’m 45 now. I’m making my.... 11th album I think? And I think it’s the first time I don’t feel self conscious singing in a glass booth. Like it flows out of me in here. It’s not the same as the stage - but I’ve gotten better at feeling your hearts even though they are not in front of me. Connecting beyond the 4 walls, to all the beauty and hope and struggle that lives in us... and letting my lips open like a prayer ... for health, for joy, for purpose, for healing, forgiveness, strength ....