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My Mission

Music has always been a source of healing and inspiration for me. From homeless to happiness, my lyrics helped me shatter depression and learn to know what love is. My hope is that anyone who is struggling in darkness seeking to know their light might be helped by witnessing what I have gone through. I want my music and content to be about the people I meet, with their challenges and real life solutions, along with the universal principles that will make our world a better place.

Jewel Signature

My manger sent me this yesterday... I have to say, I am so happy with my management. I feel grateful to have such an intelligent and patient team that understands and supports the creative process as I push myself to write an entirely new book outside of anything I have ever done. And to push myself to write music in a new way. The struggle to find new uncharted territory within is a blind exploration fraught with equal parts self doubt and determination. The desire to push myself beyond what I’m comfortable with is an impulse that’s hard to describe. It’s like an instinct I must obey. A magnetic draw that is wordless, forcing to to trace invisible lines to find my way in the wilderness with nothing but instinct. Worth any risk. Worth failing. Because traversing uncharted waters is how we get closer to our true nature being unveiled. When I do new projects I feel like a new artist all over again. Past accomplishments don’t count. You have to do things in a new way and that means I have no idea what I am doing all over again. It’s starting over at ground zero. So if there are any young artists reading this, know the struggle IS the art. The courage we bring to the process is all we can control. And to any established artists who might feel the version of themselves they built has become a cage- may you find the internal permission to tear it all down and rebuild yourself in a new and unknown fashion. The art isn’t the art. How we live is the art. The song or the painting or the photograph is just a side effect of the artistry we task ourselves to live each day with. The searching is the art. And it’s the privilege of a life time to fight for your vision and pull it out of thin air and strive to make it real and seen by others in an honest way . And if your not an artist, this still applies! Each of us are tasked to push through boundaries and live the life choose. Life as art for all. #art #quest