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Music has always been a source of healing and inspiration for me. From homeless to happiness, my lyrics helped me shatter depression and learn to know what love is. My hope is that anyone who is struggling in darkness seeking to know their light might be helped by witnessing what I have gone through. I want my music and content to be about the people I meet, with their challenges and real life solutions, along with the universal principles that will make our world a better place.

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That’s extraordinary from a woman of any age let alone 22. I’ve been there, attacked by the same lies telling me I wasn’t good enough. I suffered with extreme anxiety and depression so debilitating I couldn’t get out of the car I was living in😊. I smile because that suffering led me to dig deep within myself to find the wisdom to survive and thrive in a world with an endless amount of love. I’m proud of you and happy for you @haileybieber!! you are not alone and you are years ahead by having the insight and willingness to share with others what is inside of all of us. Xx, J #Repost @haileybieber ・・・ stepping into 2019 I want to be more open, I want to be more open about the things I struggle with, and be able to be more vulnerable. I’m a 22 years old, and the truth is no matter how amazing life may look from the outside I struggle... I’m insecure, I’m fragile, I’m hurting, I have fears, I have doubts, I have anxiety, I get sad, I get angry. I have had more days than I can count where I’ve found myself scrolling through Instagram comparing myself, comparing my looks, feeling like I’m not good enough feeling like I lack so many things and really struggling to be confident in who I am because I constantly feel like I’m just not good enough. Every single day is a confidence battle for me. I’m not writing this for a pity party or for sympathy but just to simply say, I’m a human.. I’m a young woman, I’m learning who I am and, it’s REALLY FREAKING HARD. It’s hard finding who you are, but what’s even harder is being picked apart and compared to other women while trying to do that. There are days that I’m simply broken because of it. It would be incredible if other young girls and women could find it in themselves to lift each other up, to stop making other women who are struggling JUST LIKE THEM, feel incompetent and less than. We ALL have flaws, and that will never change. What I do know is, God made us individuals for a reason, with our own beauty, our own personalities, and our own story because there’s a specific plan and purpose for each and every human created and he makes no mistakes!! So this year I’m gonna do my very best to just be ME and be


I created an entire scene for Santa coming for my son to wake to: Santa came down the chimney, set out gifts, then sat on the couch, ate his cookie that Kase made him, and drank his milk while reading through kases photo album from last year. A bit of fur trimmings were left on the couch from his jacket , and a bit a deer hair ... yes, I went all in. I have a mixed relationship with Christmas. Kase asked me the truth about Santa when he was 4. He had figured it out and I couldn’t lie to him. I told him Santa isn’t real, but the spirit of Christmas is. He thought a while after I told him, and asked if he could choose to believe in Santa. I said of course. So he said he chose to believe. I liked that. It was an empowered four years old making a decision for himself. I respected it. And we have gone back to Santa coming every year. I sit here looking at all the presents. I can’t believe how many there are. It’s too many. It kind of hurts my heart. I think of the simple things. The simple things connect us. When we think back on Christmas , we think of cooking together, we think of sitting and talking and laughing. We rarely remember what we got that one year- we remember when dad laughed so hard milk came out his nose- or when mom cried after reading a note you wrote from the heart. Tonight I sit by myself, grateful my family is here. Grateful for my home. I think of all the kids in Children’s Homes with no families and it makes my chest feel tight and my eyes well up. We don’t need more toys. We need more love. More connection. More gratitude. We depend on one another, fundamentally for our happiness and content. We need community and connection. We have a false sense of not needing one another. But we need it desperately. Next year I think I will do less gifts. More letters (I already do them for those I love) And do more volunteer work. The world needs our hearts more than it needs the piles of wrapping paper in trash bins the next day. Don’t get me wrong. I love a thoughtful gift. I love my tree- but what moves me is connection. What makes me misty is the lasting warmth it provides. The spirit of Christmas is real. And I Believe. Just like my son.