What people are saying about Never Broken

“From the very beginning of her recording career, Jewel’s lyrics reflected the America she lived in with her conversational poetic touch. My friend Ben Keith brought her to my ranch to record, collecting our favorite musicians together for her early songs. The result, the enduring Pieces of You, was a great record. Jewel’s lyrics resonated with the times. In this, her first memoir, she has a lot to reflect on, and the touch to tell her story well.” —Neil Young


Well, I am finally done with two of the biggest creative challenges I have undertaken in quite some time- writing my first long form book and self-producing my folk CD, which is a return to the style of my first CD, Pieces of You.


For this month's EDA Inclusive I chose a video of Jewel performing an extraordinary version of "Innocence Maintained" at the Saratoga Mountain Winery in California on September 27, 2000 - West