Almost Famous With Abby - Vicksburg

So I was sitting down to write my Almost Famous blog, and found the best songs of the nineties on VH1... What a perfect ending to my Almost Famous experience! I can't say enough about the concert, the backstage experience, and meeting Jewel. I should start at the beginning. I saw that Jewel would be performing in Vicksburg and immediately called my husband to have him order tickets. My husband saw that there was a VIP experience, but with a 14 month old, $200 concert tickets weren't really on


I'd like to thank every single person who came out to the Bluebird show last night and donated their time and funds toward Project Clean Water! The shows raised $20,000 and was a huge success thanks to all of you. I really appreciate all the support throughout the years in making the charity possible. Also, as promised, the next lyric to the next song- "What You Are." You can also click HERE for the vl

Almost Famous With Ashley - Atlantic City

I got the most exciting email of my life five days before the Atlantic City show. "Congratulations, Ashley! You are the Almost Famous winner!!" I just sat there staring at my computer shaking with tears streaming down my face. Words can't describe how happy I was at that moment!! The only person I would ever think to bring with me to meet Jewel was Sandy (Leapbaby). I got a hold of her as soon as I could, and when I told her, she was just as excited as me! She was screaming into the phone - we wer

Almost Famous With Anne - Montclair, NJ

"You have one new message," my voicemail informed me as I left work on February 2. Absentmindedly, I began to listen to the message. Suddenly, I heard something that sparked my interest quite a bit!

"...Jewel...winner...New Jersey...TOMORROW!

Almost Famous With Jeff - Mashantucket

Okay, first off, can I say, I've never even heard of Marshantucket? Anywho, that was Jewel's next stop. I entered the Almost Famous contest in fun; you know, you enter all these contest and don't expect to win. I was in total shock when I won not only because I won, but also because one of my best friends, Nicole, has won the almost famous contest once before!

Almost Famous with Lindsey - Biloxi

It was one week ago today as I write this, that I met the lovely Jewel. It’s something I never actually thought would happen to me and still can’t believe it did (thanks Whitney!).

February 2009 Setlists & JTV Updates

Hi All,

A couple of quick updates for you. First, I just completed posting all the February 2009 concert setlists, which are now available in the Library. I also made a few corrections so that now all the January setlists are accurate and complete. You can access all of Jewel's 2009 setlists by navigating to “set lists” from the “Library” menu. They are in chronological order, so scroll down once you are there to view all the newly added setlists.


Hi All, As you may know by now, sessions are well underway for Jewel’s next album. The video shoot for her new single, “Stay Here Forever,” was completed this week and you'll be seeing it soon. Many things are coming together simultaneously, including tour dates being planned for June, and we'll keep you informed as these things progress. In the meantime, theres a lot already going on.

Happy Holidays! Listen!

Seasons Greetings All,

2009 has been the most enjoyable year for us yet. As the year end approaches, we want to THANK YOU for your continued encouragement and support.

Jewel On TV - Reminders & Updates

Hi All,

Just returning from an enjoyable New England-style Thanksgiving on Cape Cod with four generations of family and mountains of food. Hope all of you in the U.S. are having an equally enjoyable holiday weekend and that everyone else is doing well. Popping in this morning with various updates and reminders about Jewel’s upcoming TV appearances.

Sharing The Spotlight & America's Heartland

Hi All,

Two new Jewel-related features now online:

You may have caught Jewel introducing one of CNN's 2009 Top 10 Heroes on Larry King's program last week. In conjunction with CNN's Heroes, Jewel discusses her Project Cleanwater/Give A Drop campaign at's "2009 CNN Heroes: Sharing The Spotlight: Jewel." Enjoy watching this and learn more about Project Cleanwater Read More

Jewel TV Updates

Hi All,

Here are a few TV updates for you, including premiere airdates for CMT Pranks (where Jewel evens the score with Ty for setting her up on Punk’d two years ago) and the HGTV holiday special shot at the ranch a few weeks ago. As always, check your local listings to be sure of broadcast times in your area. Tune in, Alan

Jewel & Atz Lee - Alaska WWSYS Video!

Hi All,

During her recent return to Alaska, one of the most enjoyable moments for Jewel (not to mention the audience) occurred at the tail end of her 2nd night in Anchorage, when she got a rare opportunity to perform with her younger brother, Atz Lee, who also opened both concerts. A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter himself, some of you may recall Atz Lee occasionally joining Jewel onstage during the 1999 Spirit Tour and most notably during her performance on Austin City Limits the followin

The Alaska Concerts & Setlists!

Hi All,

Since quite a few of you requested them, I thought I’d post the three most recent setlists from Jewel’s recent return to Alaska between Dave and Brianna’s “Almost Famous” blogs for the two Anchorage concerts. For those of you interested in these things, every 2009 setlist is now available here on the site by navigating to the Library and clicking "set lists." (Scroll all the way down for the most recent which now continue on a second page.) Otherwise, here’s a condensed summary of the A

5 Questions With Jewel On AOL Shopping

Jewel does a lot of traveling, ever wonder what her idea of a perfect travel outfit is? Or what some of her favorite items are in her make-up bag? AOL Shopping recently chatted with Jewel to find out just those thing and more. To read more, click here!