New Club EDA Downloads!

Hi All, The Discovery Network's Alaska: The Last Frontier episodes just aired and one of the results is an increased awareness about Jewel's upbringing in Homer, Alaska. For those who may have missed this program, it featured plenty of great footage at the Kilcher family homestead, where Jewel grew up, and focused on the survival skills handed down through three generations of the Kilcher family. With this program still fresh in the minds of many, we thought there's no better time to share...

Happy Holidays! NEW Club EDA Downloads!

Merry Christmas and an advance Happy New Year all! Jewel and Ty have had quite the year and I think I can safely say the same for The EDAs and and all of us here. We generally unveil new Club EDA downloads on the first of each month, but rather than wait until New Years day, we’re delivering them early...


Happy Holidays everyone! What a year it has been. I have to say this has been my best year ever, because my son Kase Townes Murray was born. The best part of being a mom has been seeing something truly innocent. I had never been around babies much – and it’s not that I had doubted in the existence of innocence, but until you get to hold your own baby and look into his sweet eyes, where everything is new… It’s truly touching, in a way that’s hard to describe - but I decided to try! Below are some late

Give A Drop

Dear Friends, EDAs, and Project Clean Water Family - As we head into Christmastime and start looking ahead at the New Year, I start to take stock of everything I've accomplished this year and think about what lies ahead. Do you all do that too around this time of year?

Jewel joins "The Incurables"

Veria Living’s “The Incurables” returns for a third season with new host, international recording star, Jewel, examining the triumphant journeys of real patients who refused to give up when faced with a fatal prognosis. “The Incurables” follows the inspiring real-life stories of people who beat the odds by turning to alternative methods to heal their chronic, often life threatening illnesses.

Jewel on Extra!

Here's a video of "Play Day" from Jewel's performance at The Grove in Los Angeles for Extra!

New Club EDA Downloads! From my personal Christmas playlist to yours...

Hi All, During the course of preparing the last two Club EDA downloads, I spent some time revisiting archive recordings that I made back in 1997. I rediscovered two songs that I wanted to share with the founding EDAs way back when, but never quite got around to it. I thought it would be fun to share both of them with you now. Neither recording has been heard before...

New Club EDA Downloads!

Hi All, For this month’s free Club EDA download, we journey back to the beginning of the 1999 Spirit World Tour. As one who likes the darker side of Jewel’s writing and particularly enjoys when she sings in her lowest register, I could think of no better example than “Barcelona,” a haunting song that explores her feelings of alienation and dislocation following the initial stratospheric success of her first album.

Press Week in NYC

What a week I had last week. It was the first traveling I had done since Kase was born and am glad it went so smoothly, even though he didn’t feel well.

My Favorite Things

See what Jewel calls her version of one of her favorite songs - "My Favorite Things" - on this week's vlog.

Give Me The Rainbow

This week we take a look into "Give Me the Rainbow" and when Jewel came up with the idea of the song. Check it out!