SEPTEMBER 2019 EDA INCLUSIVE: Through My Words Of Healing - by Jewel

Hello my lovelies,
    As many of you may remember, I ran a contest when I released my autobiography, asking to hear all of your stories and the obstacles you have faced, and how you overcame them. I knew we all have stories - that my story isn't that unique. So many of us face life with heroism. All of your applications were touching beyond measure. I picked a winner named Eryn Blythe, whose story I know you will be touched by as well.

AUGUST 2019 EDA INCLUSIVE by Alan Bershaw

We’ve shared hundreds of live recordings with you over the years and in August of 2009, a few months after the release of Jewel's Lullaby album, we shared one of the oldest audios dating back to a 1993 performance of “Sov Gott (Sleep Well)” at The InnerChange Coffeehouse in San Diego. Jewel had just turned 19 at the time, was living in her van and just beginning her Thursday night residency there - hoping to build up a following...


Hello Lovelies,
I saw a fan tag a picture of me on IG awhile back. It was a picture of me and Jakob Dylan on the cover of Details magazine from way back in July 1997! It brought back a flood of memories...

Pride Month by Jewel

I can't let Pride month be over before I just declare my unnatural love for the queer folk among us.  My life has been so vastly improved...


Hi All,     
    As I contemplate what to share with you in my last EDA Inclusive blog until next year, I’m in a reflective mood - thinking about the challenges and accomplishments of 2018, and in terms of working with Jewel, what a productive year its been.