Pride Month by Jewel

I can't let Pride month be over before I just declare my unnatural love for the queer folk among us.  My life has been so vastly improved by the courage, humor and ferocious loyalty of the LBGTQ, non-binary and gender fluid.  Real courage is being who you are without apology.  I mean think about that - how many straight people don’t have the courage to wear a weird shirt they might like because they fear they will get teased at school?  And thats just a piece of clothing!  Now imagine your sexuality might get you disowned!  The queer in my life have without a doubt been the most courageous role models and delivered some of the most joy and laughter - because if you can’t learn to laugh at yourself and life, you really won't make it.  We can all learn to be more Proud of who we really are and learn to embrace ourselves with greater love.  And live life out loud - without apology. We should be proud of how we live our lives and how we fight for the human rights of others.  That's why I put a trans woman in a public restroom in my first video Who WIll Save Your Soul. Liberty for all. 

I hear men in bars call each other “fag” and “pussy” as a means of saying they are weak.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  My pussy ain’t weak, can you handle that?  My gays ain’t weak, best believe that!


(We are not in the business of fighting darkness, we are farmers of light.)