October's EDA Blog!

 Greetings from a snowy Telluride!

Ty, Kase and I have enjoyed our summer here in the mountains, and now, as fall approaches, we are getting ready to head back South.


This has been a summer of change for us, and while it has been difficult on so many levels, it has also been rewarding.


I feel grateful that I have a friend in Ty who continues, as I do, to be a good partner in raising our son, and to be a good friend through what can be such a trying time.


Our emotions have run the gamut, but by and large we are getting stronger every day. And most important of all, Kase is happy and adjusting well. Bringing humanity, measure, restraint, and dignity to this process has been paying dividends, as neither of us wanted to do harm to one another, and certainly we felt it would be a crime to let anything harm our son. We thank all of you for your prayers and well wishes for our family.


Even though our family has changed, we have been able to do a lot of fun things this summer together, like the 4th of July parade, visits to the park, meals together and playing in the fall leaves.

Kase is growing and changing so fast, I thought I would share a poem with you that I wrote for him. I hope there are mothers and fathers out there that can relate.





Pitter patter

Of bare feet

Running around the room

Always running


Beneath the roar of my

Hair dryer

Stories can be heard

Of ninjas fought

and mountains climbed


I love hearing him play

While I get ready

His mind sharp

And uncluttered

By rules like gravity

Or logic


Pure creativity

Pouring out

Of that pouty mouth

That sweaty body

In perpetual motion


I must wait patiently all day

Until late at night

To actually see his outline


Like molten lava he has been

Moving, shifting, shaping

Pouring, making, remaking

Himself All day

And only the stillness of sleep

Allows enough cooling

That I can at last see his edges

Clearly defined


Baby cheek disappearing

Folds in wrist erasing

And boy emerging

Like a sculpture being carved

From within

His Spirit the master artist

Chipping away each day

Carefully, artfully

Sculpting mind and body

Flesh like clay

mutating, morphing


I watch him all day

Trying on shapes

Before erasing them

And reforming


At one point this process will slow

His personality calcify

And take a more definite shape

When he is grown

But for now

I love seeing the rapid changes

As he tries on different

Thoughts, different moods


I stand in awe

So honored to be his mom

While brush strokes appear

And disappear on canvas


Flesh of my flesh

Love of my love


I am humbled by this

Maestro of true creation

Witnessing this human

Forming before my eyes