Hello my lovelies, 

It seems like it has been awhile since I have written.  I have been moving at lightning speed - and so much has happened! 

The Cirque show was such a wonderful endeavor - I really loved being a part of that special show.  And having my life story told in that manner was unreal. The artists and performers were all so focused and professional and down to earth. They worked hard and brought so much heart and talent - it was very humbling to be a part of... 

I wanted the show to transcend the details of my life, and talk about the struggles we all have in life. So the directors and I decided to stick to universal themes - love, loss, betrayal, forgiveness and finding love again... 

I wanted to drive home the idea that love, like water, is a renewable source - if we know where to look for it, and how to care for it.  

I wanted to remind people that we are The Source.  That love does not exist outside of us.  It lives inside of us.  

That has been the journey of my life...  After so many years of expecting others to fill a hole in me... For others to love me or tell me I am worthy, I finally realized I am the source.  There is a universal wellspring in me - in all of us - that we need only recognize to find our own happiness.  

I wanted to share a few poems with you from the show, since many of you were not able to make it.  These poems have never been published, and were written specifically for the show.  They served as the only dialogue in the show, and were the loose narrative to help set up each scene or song performed.

I put them in the show running order, so you can get a feel for the flow, and how it ended...  I placed the song title in front of the poem, so you can see which poem was matched to which song.  I recited the poem first, and then I sang the song..  

My favorite is the end of the last poem, that led into Hands. It is a message I hope we all can remember. 

I hope you enjoy them.

Love to you all, Jewel



Is like water
With it we flourish
Without it
We suffer

A long time ago
A lie was whispered
It spoke of scarcity
As if we were separate
From The Source

And so each of us
Fall from our own gardens
In our own way
Into a baron and dry landscape

Embarking on a quest
Of The Great Remembering

The truth is
Love is in me
What I sought for outside myself
This treasure that alluded me
That I so desperately wanted
For which I made deals
And compromise and bargain
Lived in me already

We are The Source

When we remember this
All things come alive
All life springs forth
The desert disappears
Our thirsting is quenched
And we are able to love
Not only our selves
But care for all things
With generosity

This is my story
But it is everyone’s story
Disowning the lie
Remembering The Secret

We are love
No one can take it from us
No thief can steal happiness
These are our own
To steward and foster

Look inside
It’s there
The Universal Spring
From which we all rise
In which we move and have our being

But sometimes to find it
We must lose it first

Sometimes to remember
We must forget

And from such darkness
Can we finally
Our Light

---Written by Jewel 12/25/17


Little one
No one to have your back
but you can learn
to have your own

You may be lonely
but you are never


In fairy tales
we are taught
to search outside ourselves
for love

That someone else
completes us.

But our outer thirsting
can only be quenched
by the internal spring

The circle ends
and begins
with us


A puzzle of stars
That breathes like water
And chews like stone

A reminder
Of how far acceptance is
From understanding

A bird
The believes itself
Into extinction

The difference
between dreaming
and pretending

Only the eye
Turned inward
Can see the Unseen Path
Your own soul’s trajectory

Keep your eye
Turned inward
And oh, the places you’ll go!

—— Alternate that has never been seen, and wasn’t used:

We each migrate
towards purpose
In our own unique way
The line might be crooked
Or straight
With time we learn
To turn an eye inward
To see that unseen path
So that we might arrive
At the door step of our destiny
We are at once
the creator
And the created


There has never been
any more or any less
water on the planet
than there is today.

What form its in
simply changes.
Is it frozen
on a snowy mountain?
Salty in the ocean?
Rising in vapors
to rain down?
Is it filled with filth
in a ditch
Or flowing from clean rivers
to drink?

It’s how
we take care
of the source
that matters.

There is no more
or less
in the world
than there has ever been.

What form it’s in
simply changes.
Is It frozen in grief?
Is it in a flood of anger?
Does it need to be thawed
by forgiveness
so it can flow
once again into your life?

It’s how we tend
to The Source
that matters.

We are always craving
The Source.

And it’s always

Walk with Peace
And Peace becomes you.
Speak with Beauty
And Beauty surrounds you.
Act with kindness
And kindness finds you.

(Make something beautiful
with your broken things.)

All poems written by Jewel
© Jewel 2/2/18