Hello from Alaska!

Kase and I have been able to return home to Alaska for an entire month. Being in my homeland always feels like such important time for us as a mother and son.

At this age Kase is learning to be independent and find that he can shape his environment. And what better place to do that than Alaska! He has been learning to mill logs, catch food, make fires and so much more!

This year he will turn 7 while we are here, and I told him its an important right of passage. That he will “earn” 7 this year, not turn 7.

As part of “Earning” 7, he will complete some tasks to show to himself he has what it takes to enter this next phase of his life as a young man. True wealth is having the ability to give to your friends and loved ones, and to invest in your relationships with them. So Kase will catch a fish and share it with the whole family at his party, as a way of sharing his gifts and bounty and showing his love for his family. He will give away something that is dear to him to someone who needs it. He will build a box of memories with his Opa (grandpa in Swiss). Each year he will open the box one time, just to put something into it. He will put in something that sums up this year for him. He will add something each year and when he is 18 he will be able to open it and look at his childhood and all he held dear!

We are very excited to throw a party for our family on the homestead... to cook for them and show them our love and share the fish and the joy of being alive together. Kase is turning into such a fine, kind, and principled young man. It makes me proud. I love to watch him grow. I tell him each day that what kind of person he becomes is ultimately up to him, and that his job is to find the courage to be who he is, and find his passion and follow it with authenticity and grit and humility.

I will share pictures from his party when I have them. But for now, here are a few from our time so far. Soon I will tell you about a few new projects I have coming. I look forward to your thoughts!

Love to you all, Jewel