The Merry Goes 'Round presale

Hiya loves-


I’m very excited to announce that in just two weeks, on August 16, my new album The Merry Goes ‘Round will be available on iTunes and in stores in September. For my EDAs I wanted to make sure that you are able to preorder it and have it in hand sooner, so I have two packages available that I hope you like that will go on sale tomorrow.


For the first option for only $12.99  you get a hand autographed copy of the album along with a free gift download of acoustic versions of 6 of the songs. The download code will be inside of your physical album.


The second option is $16.99 and get you the very same thing (hand autographed album and the acoustic versions download code free gift) PLUS an instant download of the album version and acoustic version  of “Just Like Penguins Do.” AND a limited edition The Merry Goes ‘Round baby bib that has artwork from the album.


I love the bib and can’t wait to put it on Kase since this entire album was written with him in mind. I’ll also be doing video updates starting tomorrow, so come back to get a sneak peek into the songs and preorder the album.