Photo Flashback day 3


Day 3 of the Photo Flashback. Looks like it wasn't harder after all since 2 of you have perfect scores, but maybe this one will stump you. Check the leader board below and add to your points with today's picture. Remember - each day you can continue to add to your overall score that could win you a full VIP Experience including tickets to the show of your choice during the Greatest Hits tour. 

Correct answers receive:

Tour – 1 point

Year – 1 point

City – 3 points

Venue – 3 points


Good luck!


1st place - Tied at 16 points each: matthew.sullivan and flitternshimmer

2nd place - C1989 with 13 points

3rd place - AshleyLauren with 10 points

Many of you are right behind with 8 points each (blackstarr09, Brooklyn0409, efeonyx), so keep playing along!