On the road again

Hey all!
As most of you know, I have been on the road again, touring up and down the East Coast for this first leg of the Greatest Hits tour. I have always had a love/hate relationship with touring. I find it to be the best and most difficult times of my life all at once.
The pace of the travel has always been what has made it difficult. One would think touring would be an idyllic visit with the world - getting to know cultures and people, seeing the famous sights every country or city has to offer, singing at night and then dining in gourmet restaurants afterwards, partying perhaps with other celebrities, or great parties held by promoters or hosts…
But in reality, it’s just a lot of schlepping. It’s packing and unpacking a bag, living out of a suitcase, driving all night and sometimes all day to get to a venue just in time to shower, do sound check, then it’s off to the races with interviews and getting awake enough so you feel ready for the show. Then it’s piling back on a bus and trying to bring yourself down enough so you can fall asleep at a decent hour while jiggling around on a large metal bus that rattles and moans like a vessel being tossed about at sea.
I have always found touring to be exhausting. I'm sure it’s my own fault - I don't plan days off! I like to keep costs down and tours short by just going in and playing every night, but it certainly puts a crimp on the sightseeing.
As for the shows, that part has always been the best part of touring. Your sweet faces still touch me every night as you call out songs old and new... I am forever in love with singing live and feeling the warmth of all your heartbeats as we all become one beating heart, bleeding and beaming together.


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