My dad's new book "Son of a Midnight Land" and podcast!


Read my dad’s new book Son of a Midnight Land!  Its out today and available wherever books are sold and check out his new podcast about it:

So proud of him (Atz Kilcher @akilcher)!  He is a true warrior and pioneer - not only learning to tame and live in harmony with the wild nature of Alaska, but with the wild terrain of the inner self. Blazing trails and taking that most difficult journey - the one from the head to the heart.

This book proves people can grow and find happiness at any age.

If anyone you love in your life has hardships to overcome or have suffered from shame or addiction or anxiety or PTSD - they will find this book an invaluable resource.   
My dad is a man's man - hunting, living off the land - and he has also learned that being a man also means you don’t always have to suck it up - but honoring his heart and living in harmony with every aspect of himself...

This book gives me great hope and its a great lesson in how to live in harmony not only with the land but with yourself.    
Xx   jewel
(We are not in the business of fighting the darkness. We are farmer’s of light.)