Free fan show info and baby album teaser

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There are a lot of exciting things going on - like the free fan concert in April! For those that made the first 200 cut off, you should all have your confirmations by now, and info on group rates at hotels. If you have general questions about this special event, answers and discussions can be found here


I’m doing this free fan show for several reasons. First of all, because I want to thank all my amazing fans who have been with me since '95! It’s amazing looking back at my career. I wrote a lot of the songs on Pieces of You when I was 16-18. I was discovered at 18 and made my album at 19. And then after a lot of hard work and because of some hardcore fans, I rose to meteoric success I never thought was even remotely in my future. It was all so surreal, as my goal was honestly never world domination- it was to be a great singer-songwriter that hopefully my heroes would be proud of. I was raised so far outside of pop culture (never having even seen the Grammys until I was nominated my first time) that it was hard to understand how big it had gotten in a lot of ways. I mean, I’d see myself on the cover of Time magazine, and think- “is that me?!” By the time Spirit and Hands rolled out, it had become so huge that I pulled back and distanced myself from the public eye some because it was such a hard adjustment for someone as introverted as I was. I set about rethinking my career and making sure I was doing what I wanted. And that’s the blessing- I feel so proud that my fans and I have built what we have built. I really make music and change and grow according to where my inner muse takes me. As I look back on my career I’m so proud of the diversity and the amount of songs I have written and that I have fans who know ALL of them- that I have REAL singer-songwriter fans who love pop, folk, country and silly songs as much as I do. I feel like I have the perfect career...and without you guys I would be writing up a storm and have no one to hear them. So the show first and foremost is to thank you all!


And this brings up requests. I know you all want to request rare and obscure songs to take full advantage of the spirit of the show, so I want to direct you to the page where you can make song requests. I will do my best to learn as many of them as I can and take requests live.


To make song requests, go here:  


My second reason for doing the show is I really believe in encouraging you all to build a community that you can makes friends within, and turn to each other for help, laughter and anything else you could need. Very early on in my career, I was really freaked out by the nature of fame. It seemed like a bunch of people who did not know me began to put me on a pedestal and think I was better than I was, and even act like I was better than they were. I started to have talks with fans about my faults, so I could be seen as human. I wanted to take myself off the pedestal first of all, and maybe even shift all the focus from me to spreading that love and attention to each other. That way I didn’t feel like I was living in a fish bowl, and with so much sudden bounty and love in my life, I wanted to see other deserving people receive that love and support- my fans!


So as a continuation of that, I want to encourage you all to go to the message boards on my site and reach out to other fans. Use this show to meet each other in person. That has been the most fun of the past free fan shows I’ve done- creating bonds that last a lifetime.


To reach out to the other fans and see who’s coming and what other fans are doing in Texas, go here


Lastly! I have posted a few show names that you all came up with and am letting you guys chime in and help name it- feel free to make suggestions! I will pick the official name just before the show and announce it, and I will make some special t-shirts for you guys with a special surprise on them. So stay tuned for more on that!


In the meantime, to weigh in on what to name the free fan show, go here  



Ok, that’s everything about the show. Other exciting stuff I’m working on is the kids’ album! I will post a new blog soon, and start to post some lyrics for you all!


xo jewel