Free EDA Concert date

Hi EDA community!

You've all been waiting very patiently for it, and finally the time has come that we can announce the EDA concert. Be sure to mark your calendars for…

Drum Roll, please…

Sunday, April 10th! In Dallas TX!

I hope to see all my EDAs in the second largest state in the Union (spoken like a true Alaskan girl, haha) I hope this date works good for everyone- it took a long time for us to find a good sized venue that was available on a weekend that wasn't booked up already!

I want to invite you to join the forum thread about what we should name this event, as we'll have a contest to pick the winning name. I will announce the official name a week or so before the concert.

My last two EDA concerts have been called Jewelstock and Nashbash (for Jewelstock we were in Woodstock, NY and for Nashbash we were in Nashville), so let me know what you think this one should be.

As were both of my last EDA concerts, this one in April will be free as well. The idea is to meet each other and keep building your EDA community.

To sign up for the free show, all you have to do is join my free EDA fan club for the most up-to-date information and to eventually reserve your place. You will be able to sign up for the show soon! But for now, if you haven't had a chance to register on the fan site yet, you can do that by clicking here.

How it works:
The guest list will be on a first come, first served basis! Total capacity will be for 200 EDAs with each EDA being able to bring one guest (so 400 fans total). The guest list sign up form will go live in the EDA community area in a few days. You will receive a confirmation email that lets you know your sign up has gone through.  We will notify those that have made the invite list once the sign up form is closed. Invitees will then receive a second email which will contain RSVP instructions to confirm your place on the guest list.

Also, we are working on trying to get a special rate at a hotel, to help fans out with affordable lodging, plus there will be camping near by, as I know how eco-adventurous many of my fans are! Haha!

Stay tuned for details!

I can't wait to see you all in just a few short months!

xx jewel