December Club EDA

I thought I would take the time to answer a question I have been asked numerous times: why all the different versions for the Christmas CD?  I know some of you perhaps felt a little baffled because you cannot have all the songs without purchasing all three CDs. I can tell you that was never my intention in making the three different versions! In fact, all of the songs are available for purchase on iTunes now! (Deck the Halls will be available after 12/26 because of an exclusivity with Target- but it will be there!).
My decision to make different versions was an extension of my efforts to reinvent how I can make independent records and still be effective in promoting and making physical copies available to fans. This gets into quite the “music business talk” and I would like to lift the veil on what it entails to make independent music, so you can see the goals I have and the challenges I face. So bear with me, however, if you are a music fan I feel you will find it interesting!


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