DECEMBER 2017 EDA INCLUSIVE by West Kennerly

For December's EDA Inclusive I'd like to share a few things about family and the approaching holiday season. Here's a slideshow I put together of past holidays with Jewel and her family. These photos and much, much more can be seen at Jewel's Handmade Holiday Tour. It's the perfect opportunity to see her perform live with her legendary musical family so don't miss this rare event! 

On a personal note, my mom and dad organized Jewel's fan mail from 1995-2000 and I want to thank Jewel for giving them something to do that they absolutely loved! They had set up an elaborate system in their house to process massive amounts of mail and arranged everything into binders for Jewel. My parents are gone now but the archives endure and their system evolved into to the way I manage the archives today. One of the unique things I've found is a birthday card to Jewel from the wonderful EDA family nearly 20 years ago.

Happy Holidays! - West Kennerly