Jewel Hosts the NEW season of Veria TV's Series ‘The Incurables’



NEW YORK (May 2, 2011) --- Singer-songwriter Jewel will host the third season of “The Incurables,” Veria TV’s popular television series which explores real people on life-changing journeys.  The episodes follow the triumphant, heart-warming stories of patients who have become passionate advocates of natural, healthy lifestyles after overcoming crippling illnesses and life-threatening diseases.  The new season of “The Incurables” features 13 episodes, and will be premiering in late Summer 2011.

Raised on a remote ranch in Alaska, Jewel grew up with a tradition of music, as well as an appreciation of nature’s resources. “I love the inspiration that this series offers,” says Jewel.  “The remarkable people profiled exhibit tremendous strength and courage when they take charge of their own healing.”

When Jewel experienced homelessness as a teenager, she became seriously ill and couldn’t afford to buy the bottled water she needed for her impaired kidneys.  In 1997, she founded Project Clean Water that looks to bring safe, potable water to those in need both in the United States and internationally.

“‘The Incurables’ demonstrates there are many roads to healing and wellness and many more possibilities than traditional Western medicine and practices,” explains Hal Rosenberg, General Manager of Veria TV.  “Jewel embodies the essence of the Veria brand and is a wonderful addition to the series.”

 A four-time Grammy nominee, Jewel ( has enjoyed career longevity rare among her generation of artists and has sold 27 million albums worldwide. Her debut album, “Pieces of You”, became one of the best selling debut albums of all time. Singer/songwriter Jewel released her first country record, “Perfectly Clear,” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart in 2008. She released her first-ever independent album, “Lullaby” in 2009 and her country follow up album, “Sweet & Wild,” in 2010. Jewel is working on her new kids’ album “The Merry Goes ’Round” for fall release.

Executive producers of “The Incurables” are Kip Perry and Eric Tynan Young. Producer and assistant director is Michael May, with supervising producer David W. King.