Greatest Hits tour - 2nd & 3rd leg openers

As the end of the first leg of the Greatest Hits tour comes to a close, we hope you all have had a great time meeting up at the shows, and making those that couldn't be there feel like they were! For those of you that haven't made it out yet, we're already gearing up for the second and third legs of the tour and hope to see more of you on the road. There are only a few more dates left to announce, so keep an eye out! Jewel could be in your city very soon, and this time she is bringing...Atz Lee Kilcher!

Atz Lee will be joining his sister on many dates in the next 2 legs of the tour. See below for all the dates.

Also joining for the 3rd leg is long time friend, Steve Poltz. All dates for all openers listed below as well as on the tour dates page...more coming soon!

As always, there are limited number of VIP Experiences available, which is the only way to guarantee a meeting with Jewel, and includes a behind the scenes look of the tour and backstage. Get them while they last!

4/27 - Biloxi, MS with Atz Lee

4/28 - Longview, TX with Atz Lee

5/1 - Austin, TX with Atz Lee

5/2 - Houston, TX with Atz Lee

5/3 - Tulsa, OK with Atz Lee

5/5 - Grand Prairie, TX with Atz Lee


5/30 - Seattle, WA with Atz Lee and Steve Poltz

5/31 - Spokane, WA with Atz Lee and Steve Poltz

6/5 - Beverly Hills, CA with Atz Lee and Steve Poltz

6/6 - Las Vegas, NV with Atz Lee and Steve Poltz

6/8 - Chandler, AZ with Atz Lee and Steve Poltz