APRIL 2020 EDA INCLUSIVE by West Kennerly

Check out this time capsule courtesy of my friend West Kennerly! I think this is from my senior year at Interlochen when I was busking for gas money - making my way to San Diego from Michigan to see my mom on a spring break probably. A road trip with Melissa and Midori, maybe. The tea was for my kidneys (was always looking for natural cures, which vexed me).

The songs I street sang were Raven, Who Will Save Your Soul, and I remember some random line I was working on "She treated her men just like her money, another Bill always came around…" So random I can remember a single lyric suddenly by seeing this picture! But no idea what song it goes to!

Take it away, West!

For this month’s EDA Inclusive I want to share a surprising discovery buried deep within Jewel’s archives. One room is filled with videos, photos, recordings and other artwork. Another room is full of odds and ends that have been gathering dust over the years. In the back is an old guitar case that is a time capsule containing relics from a bygone era, before her musical career exploded.

Inside is a blue glass water bottle, a glass candle holder, a bag of loose medicinal tea with instructions, a dried flower and a penny. There's also a handmade sign saying she was going to Michigan with a similar message written on the back saying she was from Alaska and going to California.

I have a rough idea of the age of everything but the address on the tea instructions and the baggage claim tag should help me determine the exact date of everything inside. Any ideas?

Take care everyone. - West Kennerly