Almost Famous with Lindsey - Biloxi

Almost Famous with Lindsey - Biloxi

It was one week ago today as I write this, that I met the lovely Jewel. It’s something I never actually thought would happen to me and still can’t believe it did (thanks Whitney!).

My story of Jewel starts like most…an amazing album called Pieces of You. As a 13 year old girl, I was convinced every one of those songs was about me or someone I knew! I really think that’s the beauty of Jewel’s music…we can all relate and a lot of the lyrics are open to interpretation.

After Spirit was released, I began scouring AOL (the dial-up version) for fellow Jewel fans. I found a lovely group that called themselves EDAs (Every Day Angels). They were astounded to hear that all I had in my Jewel collection were her two released albums! A guy on the newsgroup (I wish I could remember his name so I could thank him!) quickly sent me a 3 disc set of the “EDA Essentials” which included songs like Rocker Girl, Down at the Bridge, A Very Big Girl, and Fly to Me Angel. The bootlegs on those CDs had me hooked! I’ve been a loyal fan since!

Now…back to the concert! The music and words of Jewel have been with me through the many ups and downs of the last 13 years and I wasn’t sure I was ready to meet her! With doing so, she’d become real and tangible. What if she was rude? It could ruin the relationship I have with her music!

Upon entering the Beau Rivage Theater, Matt and I were brought in to a dressing room back stage to wait with fellow Meet & Greet folks (Jewel fans are SO nice!). Before we knew it, Jewel was in the room, signing pictures, and taking photos. After the last photo Amy brought us in to another room to interview Jewel. I was a bundle of nerves and still wasn’t exactly sure what to even ask her. Jewel’s life has really been an open book so I’d surveyed fellow fans for a few suggestions. I don’t remember much about the interview! She was very warm and friendly and it was over in a second. I just couldn’t stop looking at her…she’s a real person! I also couldn’t stop nodding (apparently I agreed with what she was saying)!

After the interview Amy gave us a tour of backstage and we got to go on stage to see Jewel’s point of view…quite a thrill! Amy and Curt were very welcoming and wonderful throughout the experience.

This was my third Jewel concert and it was amazing as usual. I gave my sister and brother-in-law (Lauren and Nick) the original tickets I had purchased…they are now fans and understand why I love her music.

The Tuesday following the concert, I decided to take my admiration a step further and get a Jewel themed tattoo (I’m not that “weirdo fan”…I swear!). I had a black star on the back of my neck and I’ve wanted something around it for a while. What would be better than a symbol of some of my favorite Jewel lyrics? I decided on a swallow (to represent the song Little Bird and hint at Jupiter), a flower (“she’s a flower that grows despite cement holes, and she will survive” – Flower), the existing star (“don’t wander too far, my one constant star” – Last Dance Rodeo), a music note, and to wrap it all up – Jewel’s signature that she signed in my copy of A Night Without Armor. I had it designed by Ben Thomas at Tattoo Zone in Mobile, Alabama and I love the results!

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