Almost Famous With Jeff - Mashantucket

Almost Famous With Jeff - Mashantucket

Okay, first off, can I say, I've never even heard of Marshantucket? Anywho, that was Jewel's next stop. I entered the Almost Famous contest in fun; you know, you enter all these contest and don't expect to win. I was in total shock when I won not only because I won, but also because one of my best friends, Nicole, has won the almost famous contest once before! Details below on how silly we are, but if the videos above didnt work for you, you can watch them here and

We were so pleased to arrive. We made our way to the theatre's box office where we would pick up our meet and greet passes (which weren't available yet), so we waited in line for a while where Nicole found a friend from the Jewel message boards. Finally the passes were available for kidnapping. We went in, gave them our tickets, then they led us behind the high roller rows. This is where we met two lovely young ladies with great personalities! I swear Jewel fans are all nice (including me!) We went to stage left where we were supposed to wait to go backstage. Then they told us it was stage right. That's when the security guard then told us we were supposed to back to stage left. We were then lead down some hallways. We were so excited, especially Nicole because she decided to drink 2 energy drinks before the show. We were placed in a dressing room with two other people. That's when Nicole and I started to practice on the Soulja Boy dance. More people entered the room and that's when we were all asked to take our seats. In came Jewel, so angelic. Everyone took pictures with her and then were asked to leave for our interview.

First we gave Jewel two DVDs. One was a short on why Jewel should come to Manchester Community College for a concert. We filmed it in one day and was later edited by one of our friends. The other video was a blooper reel of a bee that landed on Nicole's ear that just sat there forever! When my friend decided to flick it off, Nicole went nuts as she tried to shoo the bee off of her, HILARIOUS. Then Nicole took out her iPod for an impromptu dance lesson. This is when we showed Jewel the Soulja Boy dance. She told us she was going to watch the video to learn it! Wouldn't it be funny if she randomly did it during one of her concerts?! Anyways, we then sat down to ask her some questions. We broke off into tangents and she taught me the basics on Yodeling. Nicole also wanted an answer on this mysterious photo of who looks to be Jewel...was it her? We then said our good byes and went back to our seats for a great concert! Jewel is not only a great singer and yodeler...she's funny!

The concert had sadly ended...I wasn't allowed to drive back home, lol. This was a great experience. I had a great time. She told us when we came back to the following CT show that we had to teach her a new dance. We'll see what happens...maybe I could have a yodeling piece ready for her?!

Thanks again Jewel for a great time! Thank you all! :) Jeff

My adrenaline is pumping. My palms are sweaty. I can’t stay still. I’m waiting in line but I can’t seem to stop moving! This is not good. Is this normal? I’m meeting Jewel for the second time and interviewing her with my best friend, Jeff, at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut because Jeff won her Almost Famous contest.

The doors finally open and they look at our tickets. They have a special mark that resembles a star on them. She smiles and says, “You guys are going to like this.” She seats us third row, a little off center, but still a spectacular view of the stage! Jeff and I make friends with two lovely ladies who are sitting next to us. They are huge Jewel fans and are excited for Jeff and me to go backstage. These two ladies are so fun! They are almost as giddy as me! They hang on every word Jeff and I have to say about the questions we’ll ask backstage. One of the ladies comments by saying, “You’re so cute. You’re so excited, and rightfully so.”

Time to line up and go backstage! After being led through a series of hallways, we’re asked to take a seat on the sofa in a room that resembles a living room. Here she comes. Jewel, looking angelic, walks in and stands in front of a piano and is ready to take pictures. I think her bright blonde hair and the graceful way she walks makes her seem so angelic. She’s even prettier in person. It’s a little intimidating. The two fans with us take their picture with Jewel and are asked to leave. Jewel is guided over to Jeff and me and we’re introduced as the contest winners for the Foxwoods show. She smiles, shakes our hands and says, “Hi.” Right now, my armpits are sweating. I can feel it.

Time for our dance! Jeff and I look at each other and then back at Jewel. We tell her about the “Soulja Boy” dance and we tell her how we want to teach it to her. You hear everyone in the room begin to laugh as we prepare. Jeff and I now do our dance for Jewel. I can tell she’s enjoying this! We mistakenly go in the wrong direction and we bump into each other like a pair of dice that just collided and bounce back off each other. We laugh as Jewel laughs with us. We stop dancing after our mistake, and Jewel says, “I’ll watch the video, and I’ll practice it.” She keeps laughing.

We get ready for the actual interview now. Jeff asks Jewel some questions that he received from fans on her official website. We ask three fan questions that have to do with her music and how she gets inspired to write a song. At this point, Jewel teaches Jeff how to yodel since he is a singer and knows how to use his voice in the proper way. It was so evident that Jewel wanted to teach Jeff the basics of yodeling! She was the teacher and Jeff was her student. I was really proud of Jeff. Everyone in the room started clapping after Jeff practiced yodeling with Jewel. “That’s good. You’re already yodeling,” Jewel said. “I want the Soulja Boy with some yodeling, please.” She’s so funny!

I know the interview is almost over. I don’t want it to be over. I’m having so much fun. This has got to be the best interview ever. Jewel looks at us and says, “Well, you guys are hilariously entertaining.” We mention how we bought backstage passes and will be meeting her again in two days. She jokingly says, “I look forward to it. I want a new dance by then, please.” The room bursts with laughter. Jeff and I have to plan a new dance for sure! We then take our pictures with her. Jeff mentions how he wants a silly “gangsta” picture with Jewel. Jewel agrees that she will be “gangsta” with us! I say, “I guess I’ll be taking another silly picture!” This picture and another dance is something that has my mind racing already. I don’t think it’s possible to be anymore excited as I am at this point. I’m like an energizer bunny. I’ll be on a “Jewel high” for years.