Almost Famous with Brenda - Wichita

Almost Famous with Brenda - Wichita

I was SOOOO excited to win the Almost Famous contest for the Wichita show!!! I’ve enjoyed Jewel’s music for a long time but REALLY became a fan after my husband Ron (who has been a fan since “Pieces of You” came out) took me to one of her concerts a couple of years ago. Unlike some artists who sound better after studio magic has been applied to their performance Jewel sounds AWESOME live with just her pure voice. And her guitar playing made me frequently think that there had to be a second guitarist someplace...the sound was so rich and full. And I love the stories that she tells on stage which is probably part of why she’s such a great songwriter...she tells stories so well!

We drove 3 hours from Kansas City to get to the venue about 6:30. After the doors opened we got the instruction packet and tickets then found our seats and waited by the back stage door! We met Curt who was really nice. Then Amy who was also really nice! Amy gave us a tour of the backstage area. We saw Jewel’s guitars all lined up ready to go; and then got to see her bus; and the view from the stage looking out into the audience (although the seats weren’t full like they were once Jewel got there!) Then Amy took us to the catering area where there was some great food and drinks. Then Jewel came in!! She chatted with all the Meet & Greeters and took pictures with them; then Amy escorted my husband and I to another room where I got to interview Jewel. And first of all I must say that the fact that Jewel does these interviews with the fans is awesome and shows how incredibly open she is. I tried to ask her some unique questions but I imagine that she’s heard most of them before. And the People magazine bikini photo maybe wasn’t the best topic but it is a great photo of her plus great publicity!

I felt like she was very forthright and candid in her answers and I really enjoyed her sincerity and considerate approach.

After the interview we went back to the auditorium where Holly Williams was finishing her opening set. Then it was Jewel’s turn to perform. I was amazed again by her incredible vocals and mad guitar skills. As I said before I love the stories that she tells in between songs. And I LOVED the way that she told the annoyingly noisy people in the back of the audience that she would wait for a minute so they could quiet down before she sang the a cappella version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I got goose bumps listening to her sing it! And how appropriate to be singing it in Kansas!

The set list (many thanks to William who sat beside us for this!):

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
”Last Dance Rodeo”
”Near You Always ”
”Everything Breaks”
”Down So Long”
”Life Uncommon"
"Stephenville Tx"
”Stronger Woman”
”Stay Here Forever”
”Morning Song”
”Break Me”
”Cold Song” (A polka!!)
”Standing Still”
”Intuition” (Hole in my Heart)
“Shape of You” (Thank you Jewel-I lost my mom to ovarian cancer in 2004 and my dad to mesothelioma this March 2009- this song honoring your friend who died from cancer –gives anyone who has lost a loved one an anthem to their memory)
”Foolish Games”
”You Were Meant for Me”
”Who Will Save Your Soul”
Encore: ”Angel Standing By"
"Chime Bells”

So an evening with Jewel came to an end. Both Ron and I picked up some new Jewel shirt merchandise. The night sky was clear with a gorgeous moon. And as we started our three-hour drive back to Kansas City we placed a Jewel CD in the player looked at each other and proclaimed “that was AWSOME!!”

Many thanks to Jewel Amy Whitney Curt and anyone else involved for making me Almost Famous!


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