Almost Famous With Abby - Vicksburg

Almost Famous With Abby - Vicksburg

So I was sitting down to write my Almost Famous blog, and found the best songs of the nineties on VH1... What a perfect ending to my Almost Famous experience! I can't say enough about the concert, the backstage experience, and meeting Jewel. I should start at the beginning. I saw that Jewel would be performing in Vicksburg and immediately called my husband to have him order tickets. My husband saw that there was a VIP experience, but with a 14 month old, $200 concert tickets weren't really on the budget. A few days after Ryan (the husband) bought our tickets, I got on the Jewel website to see what she would be playing at the concert and I saw the Almost Famous contest. I immediately entered and told myself not to get my hopes up because I was sure we wouldn't win. Flash-forward to the Thursday before the concert, I'm sitting at work trying to speed up the clock and my blackberry beeps. I had an email from Whitney... I WON!! I called and told my husband, my brother, and the guy next to me in line picking up lunch!!! So, Saturday I went to find a new outfit- I went for boots and what I told my sister-in-law was a "Jewelish" shirt (little did I know she'd go for a rock chick look that night!!). My husband and I got ready and I had my CDs to get signed, some presents for Jewel, and at the last minute I forgot to bring the painting in my daughter’s room with the lyrics of “Hands” and her tiny handprints. We arrived super early because there was no way I was going to miss getting my tickets and backstage passes. Jewel's personal assistant came out and gave us our passes. We met her at 7:10 and she gave us a great “behind the scenes” tour. We went to the parking lot to see Jewel’s tour bus, "Polaris." Then our group was led into a small dressing room. We poured wine, took pictures of everything, and waited for Jewel. After a few minutes, Jewel was led in. She graciously met us all, took lots of pictures, and signed all of us autographs. The VIPs left and Jewel came back in for the big interview. At this point, I should apologize for not asking better questions at the interview. I got so nervous that I didn't get to ask some of my main questions such as: Was Goodbye Alice in Wonderland somehow about your mother? Are you going to record another country album? And what do you think of George Jones’s comment about new female artists (Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood) not being traditional country musicians? Well, I did try to get in some unique questions and I truly enjoyed my few minutes with Jewel.

Her concert was absolutely perfect. You could've heard a pin drop when she opened with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I loved all of her personal stories. I also appreciated her singing all of her old stuff and not being "too cool" to sing her nineties hits. As I finish this blog, Jewel just talked about doctoring calves with Ty on the ranch and how she still loves her first single on VH1.

Well Jewel, I loved meeting you, I love listening to your music, and “I'm Sensitive” will always be my theme song!! I just hate that I forgot to request it at your concert!


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