Alaska: The Last Frontier

Discovery is happy to announce the iTunes release of Jewel’s solo version of the theme song from the hit show, Alaska: The Last Frontier. The song, also called “Alaska The Last Frontier,” was penned by Jewel’s father, Atz Kilcher, who is featured on the series along with other members of the Kilcher clan.  Previously, Atz and Jewel recorded the show’s theme as a duet, also available on iTunes as a full-length song. In addition to Jewel’s haunting solo version, the soundtrack EP features two instrumental versions of the song as heard on the series.  The link to purchase the EP is HERE

Alaska: The Last Frontier  follows the lives of the Kilcher family in their isolated community outside Homer, Alaska.  The Kilchers, led by patriarch Atz Kilcher have cultivated and lived on their homestead for three generations.  These men and women of the wild live off the land, spending the limited months of summer and fall gardening, hunting and fishing for food, gathering supplies from the land and preparing their animals' safety in preparation for surviving the harsh Alaskan winters.  Most live completely off the grid, with no running water and no electricity – and are proud of it. 
Alaska: The Last Frontier airs on Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT only on Discovery.