September - Jewel's Free Club EDA Download!

Hi All!

Back in the day before social media advanced online communication forever, I started a message board thread asking “How and when did you discover Jewel?” This thread remained active for a number of years and contained many heartfelt recollections from fans young and old and from every walk of life. Because of Jewelʼs career longevity and the era in which it began, this thread also conveyed a great deal about the dawn and rapid growth of the Internet, viral marketing and the paradigm shifts in the music industry over the past two decades. It became my favorite thread to read for all those reasons, but the responses that I enjoyed most were those that conveyed your initial reactions, often in vivid detail, of experiencing Jewel live on stage for the first time. Those recollections were often perfect time capsules of the various stages of her career and they resonated with me because Iʼve always thought that above everything else, Jewelʼs greatest gift is as a live performing artist.

Despite enjoying that thread so much, I myself never got around to contributing. I thought Iʼd finally correct that issue and address my first live Jewel experience in this here blog. Iʼve also included several vintage images that nobody has ever seen and a choice audio never before circulated as our free Club EDA download for September.

Download the entire blog and free audio here!