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         The Discovery Network's Alaska: The Last Frontier episodes just aired and one of the results is an increased awareness about Jewel's upbringing in Homer, Alaska.  For those who may have missed this program, it featured plenty of great footage at the Kilcher family homestead, where Jewel grew up, and focused on the survival skills handed down through three generations of the Kilcher family.  It conveyed this through recent footage focusing on the lives of Jewel's dad Atz Kilcher, her Uncle Otto Kilcher and brother Atz Lee Kilcher and their families.  With this program still fresh in the minds of many, we thought there's no better time to share "My Father's Daughter" with you,  another of Jewel's unreleased songs.

    There aren't many overtly autobiographical songs in Jewel's vast catalogue, but "My Father's Daughter" is one of the notable exceptions.  The song came about in 2008, one of Jewel's most prolific years, at a particularly reflective and happy time in her life. During the first of several songwriter's retreats that Jewel hosted at their ranch in Stephenville. "My Father's Daughter" was a result of Jewel teaming up with Lisa Carver, one of the Nashville hit songwriters attending. 

    Right after that retreat, Jewel continued performing with her band on Brad Paisley's wild and wacky Paisley Party Tour.  Pre-production for the Lullaby album began immediately after that tour, so it wound up being six months before she performed "My Father's Daughter" before a live audience.  She debuted the song on March 7, 2009 at a gig in Snoqualmine, Washington to a rousing response and it has remained in her live repertoire off and on ever since.  The most recent performance occurred on October 29, 2011, at the Baltimore Convention Center when Jewel made a surprise appearance at a benefit event for Journey Home, an organization that helps bring sustainable solutions to the homeless. This is the performance we are featuring today.

    Since the song is self-explanatory and Jewel prefaces the performance with a monologue explaining her motivational impetus for writing it, I'll let the download convey all else. In addition to this live recording, a pdf file of Jewel’s handwritten lyrics to "My Father's Daughter" are also included for you.

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    If you’ve missed any of our previous Club EDA downloads, all of them are still available, so you can help yourself to those files as well.  For details on the previous downloads, you can access my previous blogs about them by clicking “Alan."   In regards to our free downloads, we respectfully request that rather than share the free files elsewhere, that you do Jewel the favor of instead sharing the link to join her free Club EDA community, so that others can download the free files themselves. Please spread the word rather than the files and help Jewel build her online community. You can read her thoughts on this here.


     Enjoy this month's free Club EDA download of "My Father's Daughter" recorded October 29, 2011, at the Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.    Alan