New Club EDA Download!

Hi All,
   Time for another free Club EDA download!   I’ve generally been avoiding the most familiar hits unless, like our previous download of “Down So Long,” it presents an unusual song arrangement or a performance that really stands out for one reason or another.  Since Jewel began her free downloads, one of the most common requests has been for a live performance of “Foolish Games” and I think I came up with a version that fits both of the above criteria.

     Like the previous download, this one also dates back to 1997 when Jewel began experimenting with band configurations, but this performance is sourced from the previous tour.  For this tour Jewel hit the road with The Rugburns, augmented by Lyle Lovett’s legendary cellist, John Hagen.

    As some of you know, Jewel and The Rugburns go back a ways.  Front man Steve Poltz and Jewel have collaborated on many songs, including her biggest hit, “You Were Meant For Me.”  For those unfamiliar with John Hagen, he has been a long-term key ingredient in Lyle Lovett’s music and during some downtime with Lyle, Jewel scored him for this tour.    Hagen added a sonic texture unlike anyone else and by the end of the tour Jewel didn’t want to give him back to Lyle!   Hagen made memorable contributions to many songs on this tour, but his talent and sensitivity was best conveyed on “Foolish Games.”

     This arrangement clearly puts the emphasis on Jewel’s voice,  Poltz’ acoustic guitar and Hagen’s cello. The Rugburns’ rhythm section of John Castro and Jeff Aafedt (aka Stinky) are revered for their showmanship as well as musicianship, but here they lay back, adding only subtle touches.  Recorded 14 years ago in Vancouver, this performance of "Foolish Games" is unlike Jewel's piano-based performances with her subsequent bands and even if you’re familiar with her acoustic guitar renditions, I think you’ll find this arrangement special. 

      Additionally, the handwritten component of this download is a three pager!  It not only contains two pages of Jewel’s handwritten lyrics but an additional page explaining her motivation for writing this hugely popular song.  Don’t miss the third page of the pdf file!

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    Recorded at The Vogue Theater in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 29, 1997, we hope you enjoy this vintage live performance download of “Foolish Games.”    Alan