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Time for another Free Club EDA download!

Many of you are familiar with Jewel’s song, “Sometimes It Be That Way,” from solo acoustic concerts or as the final track on her “This Way” album (which by the way, was recorded live at a private EDA concert held in Nashville back in 2001). The song actually dates back to 1994, written during Jewel’s early coffeehouse days.  It has gone through several permutations over the years, but few have ever heard the arrangement presented here.

Recorded on the final night of Jewel opening Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s “Broken Arrow” tour, way back in August of 1996, this is an extremely rare full band version of the song.   It was only performed in this ramped up electric arrangement for several weeks during this tour and reverted back to solo acoustic status ever since.   Not only is this arrangement different, but the energy builds to a pretty extraordinary level, with Jewel literally pummeling her blue Ferrington (Her blue guitar custom designed by Danny Ferrington and yes, she still has it). This performance also contains an extra Dylan-influenced verse, not found on the album version.

 Assisting Jewel here are lead guitarist Marc Shulman, who some of you may recall from her Jewelstock band and the rhythm section of bassist Zev Katz and drummer Frank Vilardi.

 In addition to the audio file, there is a second free download for you of Jewel’s handwritten lyrics to the song.

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If you happened to miss our previous Club EDA downloads, they too are still available, so you can help yourself to those files as well.  To read my blogs about the previous downloads, just click “Alan” on the blog menu above.  In regards to our free downloads, we respectfully request that rather than share the free files elsewhere, that you do Jewel the favor of instead sharing the link to join her free Club EDA community, so that others can download the free files themselves. Please spread the word rather than the files and help Jewel build her online community. You can read her thoughts on this here.

OK.  Here we go.  Recorded at Molson Park in Barrie, Ontario on August 31, 1996, help yourself to this unique performance of “Sometimes It Be That Way,” as this month’s free Club EDA download.

Hint:  PLAY IT LOUD!    Alan