Jewel On TV - Reminders & Updates

Jewel On TV - Reminders & Updates

Hi All,

Just returning from an enjoyable New England-style Thanksgiving on Cape Cod with four generations of family and mountains of food. Hope all of you in the U.S. are having an equally enjoyable holiday weekend and that everyone else is doing well. Popping in this morning with various updates and reminders about Jewel’s upcoming TV appearances.

First up - on Monday (this Monday) November 30th, Jewel continues exploring alternative marketing possibilities by promoting her independant self-produced “Lullaby” album on the Home Shopping Network. She will be chatting and performing live selections from the album during these broadcasts. Jewel’s HSN broadcast times are at 6:45 am est for her first performance with a second performance at 1:00 pm est. You can also check this out on HERE.

A week later, the holiday special filmed awhile back at the ranch will air on HGTV. The name of this program is “Celebrity Holiday Homes” and it is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, December 6th at 8:00 pm est. Check your local HGTV listings for other time zones and for repeat airings during the month.

As many of you already know, immediately after the final night of the tour, Jewel flew off to North Carolina to lend their support to The Creasy family, who will be the focus of an upcoming episode of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Many have been asking when this will air. An exact date has not yet been scheduled, but it is planned for February of next year. We’ll keep you informed as broadcast details for this program become finalized.

Also, if you missed the “America's Heartland” episode featuring the segment called “Ballads and Bull Riding: Jewel and Ty Murray’s Ranch” that recently aired on RFD- TV, you can still catch this at America's Heartland website HERE.

That covers it for today. More to come. Stay tuned! Alan