Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays All!

Lets begin with a stress reliever!  We know many of you are anxiously awaiting the announcement for the guest list signup for Jewel’s April 10, 2011 Free EDA Concert.  Although we know everyone is anxious to sign up, we thought it best to hold off until after the holidays.  So relax and enjoy yourself during this time and we’ll move forward on the signup shortly after the holidays.   

OK, on to new Free Club EDA downloads!  Generally, new downloads will be available on the first day of each month, but we are making an exception this time and rather than wait until New Years Day, today’s downloads are Jewel’s holiday gifts to you.

The audio file this time contains two complete songs, recorded on December 7, 2001 in Minneapolis, shortly after the release of the “This Way” album. This concert was one of the first performances by her 2002 touring band and the download file contains most of Jewel’s encore from that night. Much to the surprise of the audience, Jewel begins her encore with “Ave Maria,” accompanied by pianist Steve George. Following this, guitarist Mark Oakley accompanies Jewel on “O Holy Night.” Despite being unplanned spontaneous performances, both are quite remarkable. We streamed these songs over the holidays last year to overwhelmingly positive response, so I thought you would enjoy having these special live performances as a free download.

In addition to the audio file, there is a second download for you.  Since these songs didn’t lend themselves to Jewel’s hand written lyrics, she instead decided to hand draw you a holiday card.  The holiday card download is also now there for you.

If you are already a registered member of jeweljk.com, simply log in to the community area and help yourself to the files here. If you are not yet registered, please register first here. If you experience any technical difficulty, don't hesitate to ask for help at [email protected]  If you happened to miss our previous downloads, they remain available, so you can help yourself to those files as well. In regards to our free Club EDA downloads, we respectfully request that rather than share the free files elsewhere, that you do Jewel the favor of instead sharing the link to join her free EDA community, so that others can download the free files themselves. Please spread the word rather than the files and help Jewel build the EDA community. You can read her thoughts on this here.

2011 is going to be an exciting year and we look forward to having you along for the ride.  On behalf of Jewel and the jeweljk.com team, we wish you the happiest of holidays!    Alan