Hi All,

    Time for another installment of Jewel’s monthly EDA Inclusives!  This month (February 28th to be exact) marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Jewel’s debut album Pieces Of You.  Coincidentally, West Kennerly was recently scouring through vintage archive tapes and located a television commercial that Jewel had the opportunity to do at the same time she was creating that very album.  Here’s West to tell you a bit about this vintage footage.

     For this month's Club EDA offering I found a short and rare video of Jewel singing a scat version of the Call To Post for an ad to promote the end of the racing season at Del Mar.  It was made over 20 years ago and briefly aired on San Diego television.  Locals will recognize the Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park in the background and the faint sound of a jet flying overhead. I'll hand it off to Alan to expand on this time period. ~ West 

    This ad, which features a just-turned-20 year-old Jewel is, as West mentioned, promoting the final week of the 1994 season at the Del Mar Racetrack. It was filmed in June of that year, the same month Jewel recorded the studio tracking sessions for her debut album at Neil Young’s ranch studio.  It only aired in Southern California during the last week of August and the first week of September in 1994, so I’m betting few, if any, EDAs have ever seen this before.  I know I hadn’t!  Jewel had just begun evaluating mixes and sequencing potential track lists for her first album as this commercial was airing.

    So back to the beginning we go!  Thanks for digging this up West!  We hope you enjoy this little flashback,  Alan