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JULY 2018 EDA INCLUSIVE: Hello From Alaska!
Hello from Alaska! Kase and I have been able to return home to Alaska for an entire month. Being in my homeland always feels like such important time for us ... Read More
JUNE 2018 EDA INCLUSIVE by West Kennerly & Alan Bershaw
For this month’s EDA Inclusive I decided to revisit a video that we posted over 5 years ago of a show that I shot in 1997 of Jewel and the Rugburns at Java Joe’s... Read More
MAY 2018 EDA INCLUSIVE! Cirque du Soleil, Part 3: by Jewel
Hello my lovelies, It seems like it has been awhile since I have written. I have been moving at lightning speed - and so much has happened! The Cirque show was such a wonderful endeavor... Read More
MARCH 2018 EDA INCLUSIVE! Cirque du Soleil, Part 1: by West Kennerly
For the Ides of March EDA Inclusive I assembled a series of photos that I shot last month during Jewel’s Cirque rehearsals at the MJ One Theater in Las Vegas. The photos cover most of February up to the big show on Friday night, March 2nd. My goal was to document... Read More
My dad's new book "Son of a Midnight Land" and podcast!
Read my dad’s new book “Son of a Midnight Land!” Its out today and... Read More
JANUARY 2018 EDA INCLUSIVE! There Is No Weak Link In This Human Chain!
Happy New Year, Lovelies! I am sitting in my home in the Rockies - enjoying some time to snuggle with my son and relax. 2017 has been quite the year for me... Read More
DECEMBER 2017 EDA INCLUSIVE by West Kennerly
For December's EDA Inclusive I'd like to share a few things about family and the approaching holiday season. Here's a slideshow I put together of past holidays with Jewel and her family. These photos and much, much more... Read More
For the blog this month I wanted to re-share an older one and pay tribute to Alan. He has seen me go from a young scrappy teenager playing bars... Read More
SEPTEMBER 2017 EDA INCLUSIVE! Hollywood Bowl Memoirs
Hello lovelies, I recently got to do a performance at the Hollywood Bowl. I was really excited as I... Read More
For this month's EDA Inclusive I decided to share some photos taken many years ago at... Read More