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Almost Famous With Natalie - Highland, CA

Ahhhhhhhhh...I'm gonna be famous...well almost!!! Ahhhhhhhh! I had a whole week to mull over what I was gonna ask Jewel. I sought advice from everyone I knew, and still I went with nothing planned. I didn't want to type or write my questions for fear of forgetting how to read. While waiting I did manage to write a few notes on an ATM receipt but that didn't work out so well because I forgot to take it out of my pocket until mid-interview. Line.....set list....thanks Laura.

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Almost Famous with Brenda - Wichita

I was SOOOO excited to win the Almost Famous contest for the Wichita show!!! I’ve enjoyed Jewel’s music for a long time but REALLY became a fan after my husband Ron (who has been a fan since “Pieces of You” came out) took me to one of her concerts a couple of years ago. Unlike some artists who sound better after studio magic has been applied to their performance Jewel sounds AWESOME live with just her pure voice. And her guitar playing made me frequently think that there had to be a second guitari Read More

Almost Famous With Abby - Vicksburg

So I was sitting down to write my Almost Famous blog, and found the best songs of the nineties on VH1... What a perfect ending to my Almost Famous experience! I can't say enough about the concert, the backstage experience, and meeting Jewel. I should start at the beginning. I saw that Jewel would be performing in Vicksburg and immediately called my husband to have him order tickets. My husband saw that there was a VIP experience, but with a 14 month old, $200 concert tickets weren't really on Read More

Almost Famous With Ashley - Atlantic City

I got the most exciting email of my life five days before the Atlantic City show. "Congratulations, Ashley! You are the Almost Famous winner!!" I just sat there staring at my computer shaking with tears streaming down my face. Words can't describe how happy I was at that moment!! The only person I would ever think to bring with me to meet Jewel was Sandy (Leapbaby). I got a hold of her as soon as I could, and when I told her, she was just as excited as me! She was screaming into the phone - we wer Read More

Almost Famous With Anne - Montclair, NJ

"You have one new message," my voicemail informed me as I left work on February 2. Absentmindedly, I began to listen to the message. Suddenly, I heard something that sparked my interest quite a bit!

"...Jewel...winner...New Jersey...TOMORROW!

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Almost Famous With Jeff - Mashantucket

Okay, first off, can I say, I've never even heard of Marshantucket? Anywho, that was Jewel's next stop. I entered the Almost Famous contest in fun; you know, you enter all these contest and don't expect to win. I was in total shock when I won not only because I won, but also because one of my best friends, Nicole, has won the almost famous contest once before!

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Almost Famous with Lindsey - Biloxi

It was one week ago today as I write this, that I met the lovely Jewel. It’s something I never actually thought would happen to me and still can’t believe it did (thanks Whitney!).

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Almost Famous with Lindsey - Biloxi
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Almost Famous with Kristen - Miami
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Almost Famous with Don & Joyce - Ft. Myers
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