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EDA Yearbook
Hey EDAs - now is your chance to not only purchase, but also personalize your own TexFest yearbook. Read More
New EDA Merchandise
Spring is in the air, and I have some exciting news! Read More
Sammy the Spider
Hi All,

The next song lyric I'd like to post from the new children's album (but still fun for adults!) is "Sammy the Spider."

This is a storytelling song we wrote for the album, and I am going to try to draw a little children's book to go with the lyrics. It's a fun story. Hope you enjoy! Read More
My next cd
Hi all,
As you know I have been producing a new CD - my version of a kids' album. And as with Lullaby, it's been so liberating and fun (and don't worry I have a "Pieces of You"-style folk album on the horizon but first things first). Read More
Free fan show info and baby album teaser
Hi all,
Long time no blog!

There are a lot of exciting things going on - like the free fan concert in April! For those that made the first 200 cut off, you should all have your confirmations by now, and info on group rates at hotels. If you have general questions about this special event, answers and discussions can be found here: Read More
Big news!
I have some exciting news... Read More
Free EDA Concert date

Hi EDA community!

You've all been waiting very patiently for it, and finally the time has come that we can announce the EDA concert. Be sure to mark your calendars for…

Drum Roll, please… Read More

Free Fan Club

Hello all!

Been so long since I have blogged! I just touched down last night in Texas, and I wanted to visit with you all about my new free fan club that I'm so excited about.

As you know, I got up my new site and new store, and hopefully you all are finding it user-friendly. You are also probably aware that I started a free fan club.

Read More
I'm Hosting A NEW Show on BRAVO!

Going Platinum is a new song-writing competition on Bravo!

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Hello all, Long time no blog! No good reason not to write, just haven’t been in the mood I guess - ha! I’m glad most of you like the new video. It was a lot of fun to make. This is the first video I have written the treatment for.

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