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She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain
Today we take a look into the first cover on the album - "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain." Let us know what you think! Read More
Bucky the Bull
Today we look into the creation of Bucky the Bull. Hope you all are enjoying The Merry Goes 'Round! Read More
Just Like Penguins Do
Today is the day! Many of you have already tweeted that you've gotten your autographed copy of The Merry Goes 'Round, but today it is now available at iTunes and we'll soon be posting the locations you'll be able to find it in stores. Read More
Supermarket Song
Below is the inside scoop on "Supermarket Song." Be sure to check out the presale packages. Read More
Sammy the Spider
Be sure to preorder The Merry Goes 'Round today receive the download card code (within the physical CD) for the 6 acoustic tracks as your free gift! Read More
The Merry Goes 'Round presale
Hiya loves- I’m very excited to announce that in just two weeks, on August 16, my new album The Merry Goes ‘Round will be available on iTunes and in stores in September. For my EDAs I wanted to make sure that you are able to preorder it and have it in hand sooner, so I have two packages available that I hope you like that will go on sale tomorrow. Read More
Bravo blog
Wanna know about my new show on Bravo? Wondering what the show is all about? Read my thoughts about it here xxj Read More
EDA Yearbook
Hey EDAs - now is your chance to not only purchase, but also personalize your own TexFest yearbook. Read More
New EDA Merchandise
Spring is in the air, and I have some exciting news! Read More
Sammy the Spider
Hi All,

The next song lyric I'd like to post from the new children's album (but still fun for adults!) is "Sammy the Spider."

This is a storytelling song we wrote for the album, and I am going to try to draw a little children's book to go with the lyrics. It's a fun story. Hope you enjoy! Read More