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Check out this week's song- "Happy" Read More
Snooze Button Blues
Not ready to get out of bed? You'll relate to "Snooze Button Blues." Read More
Press Week in NYC
What a week I had last week. It was the first traveling I had done since Kase was born and am glad it went so smoothly, even though he didnít feel well. Read More
And the Green Grass Grows All Around
This week, we take a look at what Jewel has to say about "And the Green Grass Grows All Around." Read More
My Favorite Things
See what Jewel calls her version of one of her favorite songs - "My Favorite Things" - on this week's vlog. Read More
Give Me The Rainbow
This week we take a look into "Give Me the Rainbow" and when Jewel came up with the idea of the song. Check it out! Read More
Oh! Susanna
What does Jewel say the challenge is for the next cover song on "The Merry Goes 'Round?" Check it out now as she talks about "Oh! Susanna." Read More
Only Shadows
Today we look at another song that was written with Kase in mind - "Only Shadows." Check it out! Read More
Play Day
In today's vlog we go behind the scenes in creating "Play Day." Read More
Sara Swan Sleepy Head
Today's video is for the next track on The Merry Goes 'Round - "Sara Swan Sleepy Head." Read More