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On the road again
Hi all! As most of you know, I have been on the road again, touring up and down the East Coast for this first leg of the Greatest Hits tour. I have always had a love/hate relationship with touring. I find it to be the best and most difficult times of my life all at once. Read More
Greatest Hits part 13
For our final Greatest Hits video blog series, Jewel discusses writing "Hands" and working with Jay Joyce, the producer of "Two Hearts Breaking." Read More
Greatest Hits Part 12
Today Jewel discusses writing her first song ever at 16 years old, which became her first single and arguably one of her biggest hits. A feat like that is generally unheard of as a new artist, so she also gives advice for new artists as they begin their careers now. Read More
Greatest Hits Part 11
Jewel talks about Somewhere Over The Rainbow on Greatest Hits, as well as what she hopes her son, Kase will learn from her career Read More
Greatest Hits Part 10
Jewel discusses the writing process and video for Break Me, and why she wrote Down So Long. Read More
Greatest Hits Part 9
Today Jewel discusses Intuition from 0304 and the pop culture references on the record, as well as the span of her 18 year career in the music business. Read More
Greatest Hits Part 8
We continue our videos today with Jewel discussing "Standing Still" and re-recording iconic songs. Read More
Greatest Hits Part 7
Greatest Hits is in stores now, but we're continuing the behind the scenes! Today Jewel talks about working with Pistol Annies on You Were Meant For Me. Read More
Greatest Hits countdown Part 6
In the last installment of the Greatest Hits countdown before release day, Jewel talks about 2 of her biggest his. Read More
Greatest Hits countdown Part 5
Jewel discusses "Good Day" on her Greatest Hits album, as well as the collaboration with Kelly Clarkson and Pistol Annies. Also the countdown continues...with international release dates! Read More