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America's Got Talent

Hiya! I had a great time on America's Got Talent last week. It was a pleasure to perform with winner Michael Grimm. Congratulations to him. I really enjoyed meeting all the very talented folks on this show. Here are a few pictures.

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A Fugitive Loose in Yellowstone

Greetings from Yellowstone!

While itís 107 degrees back home in Texas, it's a brisk 53 degrees up here in Montana today, and I am really enjoying the cool weather.

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Tricks of the Trade

I have been thrilled with the great response from fans to Sweet And Wild. I especially loved that I was able to do the deluxe version with Sweet And Mild - the acoustic version of the album. Music and writing are my life blood. I breathe it and it comes out of my pores. I am always writing, always thinking of melodies. Itís like a river flows in my head and if I open a channel for it to come out, it just pours out. It doesnít even feel like it comes from me. It feels like there are operas and novels an Read More

Funny Or Die Q&A

For those of you who haven't seen it yet - I did a skit with the Funny Or Die people and also sat down to answer some questions about the experience.

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People sometimes ask how I channel creativity - be it writing songs, short stories or poems, painting or drawing. I donít have to choose what I will do on any given day because it chooses me. Itís hard to describe - kind of like describing the difference between thirst and hunger. They are both strong impulses, but impossible to describe the subtle difference that causes you to reach for a glass instead of a spoon. Thatís how it is with my art. One day I feel hungry to write poems. Itís just quiet. There Read More

Funny Or Die

After the Star Light Cafe Tour ended, I went to LA to do some skits with the Funny Or Die folks. It was so much fun! You can now see the first skit by clicking here . I got to dress up as a businesswoman and go into a karaoke bar and sang my own songs to see if anyone realized it was me. Hope you like it.

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CMT Posted

Iím excited to be the featured artist on CMT Posted! I love a multimedia platform because I have so many sides of myself that canít all be packed into a 2 dimensional CD. Thatís why I love Twitter, vlogs and blogs because it lets people get to know me. There is so much in my life thatís fun, like being on the ranch and going to brandings, and riding our motorcycles and target practicing. When Iím on the road Iím really silly and am always doing skits so I can't wait to share all this with the CMT audien Read More


I'd like to thank every single person who came out to the Bluebird show last night and donated their time and funds toward Project Clean Water! The shows raised $20,000 and was a huge success thanks to all of you. I really appreciate all the support throughout the years in making the charity possible. Also, as promised, the next lyric to the next song- "What You Are." You can also click HERE for the vl Read More

Video from the Bluebird
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I'd like to thank every single person who c Read More