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Hello all,

I recently tweeted that I would be taking my first painting lesson! As it tuned out, I decided I would like to improve my drawing, before I delve into painting.  I found a nice gentleman who teaches at Tarleton State University who will come to the house so I don't have to leave the baby with a sitter - pretty excited about that!  For those of you who may not know, I studied sculpture in high school (marble carving and clay) but did not get a chance to really study drawing or painting.  On my own, over the years, I have drawn a lot - though due to a lack of live models have had to use myself as a model.... I use chalk and oil pastels, but have always wanted to try oil or acrylic.  Below are a few examples of my self portraits.  My cartoon drawings and more graphic art can be found in my book Chasing Down The Dawn, for those interested.  I like drawing because it allows me to be emotional in a way that words only dance around.  Anger (pale pink background), fatigue (hot pink background), and regret (pale blue background) are the themes of the 3 below.  Sometimes a song or poem just bore me when I want to express something, and so then I draw....

It has been fun to finally take some classes on things I have meant to do forever - but never had the time due to traveling all the time.  Being home with the baby has allowed me to begin to go back to school, as it were, which I so enjoy.  Guitar lessons are a great example of this.  I taught myself to play guitar when I was 16 - and though I have developed my own unique style, and used open tunings to create moods, I know shockingly little about what I'm doing.  I never know the key I'm playing in, often don't know the names of the chords I'm playing , and have never been able to play a lead of any sort.  So, I have taken 2 guitar lessons so far.  I'm learning scales and a bit of theory so I can play some lead in the future, and hope to beef up on some jazz chords to improve my musical vocabulary for writing in the future... 

I love to learn, and always said if I couldn't be a musician, my dream job would be to be a professional student.  To travel the world and be tutored by a sculptor, a veterinarian, a chef, a photographer, a cowboy....  I love to be immersed in new things and see what it takes to be great in any field.... greatness is found in so many places....

Anyway - I will post more later- and until then, stay in touch on Twitter... xo jewel