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Video from the Bluebird

Video from the Bluebird

It's Wal-Mart, the bathroom
I'm staring in the mirror
Florescent lights are bright
It makes the lines clearer
Where did the angel go
Cigarette smoke's all that's left
Traded in my wings for a string of pearls
And the string is all I've left
The light bulbs buzz
Someoneís in the stall
Big white, brick wall
Makes me feel small
And I take my shirt off
Looking for a glimpse of flesh
Peel back the concrete
Hope there's something natural left
Cause I am fading
I am fading, I am fading away, I am fading
Just like fairy tales
And a hero loses faith
I am fading
The air smells like urine
Itís getting hard to breathe
I could walk out that door
But no one ever really leaves
And I take my clothing off
Trying not to forgetv
Stupid things like
The color of rain
And the smell of stone when it's wet
And I am naked in the mirror
With a feather in my hand
The lady comes out of the bathroom
Screaming, "Oh, Jesus!"
She couldnít understand
But I ask her
"Hey, what happens to us
When we get old and in the way?"
I guess she answered me
Cause they, they took me away
And I am fading
I am fading
I am, Iím fading away
I am fading
Just like fairy tales
And a hero loses faith
And I donít know how
And I donít know when
Donít know when I forgot
Hope Iíll remember again
I am fading away
I am fading