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CMT Posted
CMT Posted

Iím excited to be the featured artist on CMT Posted! I love a multimedia platform because I have so many sides of myself that canít all be packed into a 2 dimensional CD. Thatís why I love Twitter, vlogs and blogs because it lets people get to know me. There is so much in my life thatís fun, like being on the ranch and going to brandings, and riding our motorcycles and target practicing. When Iím on the road Iím really silly and am always doing skits so I can't wait to share all this with the CMT audience.

I've made myself accessible to fans, but also found a balance in keeping a certain level of privacy as well. As many know, I had a difficult childhood in some ways, and reading books and listening music helped me - but only when the artists were honest. I began to write to make myself feel better and I promised myself to be honest. To never use my writing to make me seem better than I was. I showed my short comings and my good traits as honestly as I could. I think thatís why people identified with me when I began singing in the coffee shops in San Diego. They saw themselves in me. I was brave enough to admit I was scared or ashamed or hopeful or angry - just like everyone else is. I found a lot of power in telling secrets on myself because we all have the same one, pretty much. And itís so cathartic to tell the truth. Plus it has the added benefit of protecting you because no one tries to dig up dirt on me, because everyone knows I beat them all to the punch! I donít have a double life to be discovered. Itís all out in the open. My life has been about being authentic to who I am and not being ashamed. As I grow and change, I write about it. And the blessing of my life has been that I have made a living doing something that I started doing because it made me feel good. Thatís such a luxury and I am grateful for it every day.