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Let It Snow


After a decade since the overwhelming success of her first holiday album, the multi-platinum award winner Jewel gears up to release her much anticipated follow up holiday album, “Let It Snow.”  The acclaimed American singer-songwriter-poet will not only debut 10 holiday favorites but will also feature two new original songs, “Blue Crystal Glow” and “It’s Christmastime.”
Produced alongside some of the music industry’s greatest composers, Steve Skinner, Robbie Kondor and Joe Mardin, the album features country, folk-pop roots with a classical twist.  Vince Gill, Country Music Hall of Famer and 20-time Grammy® Award winner, also joins Jewel on the guitar for an extraordinary rendition of “White Christmas.”
Jewel, wife and mother of 2-year-old son Kase, said her goal with this new holiday production since her first Top 10 Billboard holiday album was “to develop an album where families can combine old traditions with a more contemporary spin, while making new memories.”
Fans will have the opportunity to purchase a 2-track advance on iTunes starting on October 29th with a “complete your offer” opportunity on November 19th where they will have the option of purchasing the 12 track and 16 track version.
With four Grammy® Award nominations, a record-breaking poetry collection and over 27 million album sales, Jewel continues to captivate listeners worldwide with her exquisitely expressive voice and heartfelt songwriting.

In addition, on September 17th, 2013, Jewel will release her second children’s book with Simon & Schuster titled “Sweet Dreams.”  She has also signed on as a judge on the NBC series, “The Sing Off” which will premiere this holiday season.
“Let It Snow” Track List:
1 - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
2- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
3 - Do You Hear What I Hear?
4 - It's Christmastime
5 - What Child Is This?
6 - Panis Angelicus
7 - Blue Crystal Glow
8 - Sleigh Ride
9 - White Christmas
10 - Silver Bells
11 - The Christmas Song
12 - I'll Be Home for Christmas


Jewel's Most recent
I am thrilled listening to Lullaby and The Merry Goes Round. They are creative and whimsical. Part of my joy with Jewel is her honesty - intellectual and creative honesty. Jewel presents Jewel - who she is, what she seems to believe and that which is her life. What other artist writes their own music, reveals their own life, shares her love for her husband and family and friends - and does it with such grace and power? As Jewel has matured her music has matured and part of maturity is the confidence to say what we believe. She has not been purely commercial. She seems to follow her heart and inherent values. I wish there was more of her honesty in the performing world. God sent me Jewel I prayed to my God to send me an Angel Who would share simple truths And teach me with grace and beauty; To send me one to make me smile and Who might move me to tears with Words, style and simple, heartfelt honesty; To provide one who could grow each year And become so much more with each passing day – One from whom I can learn to be a better man. God sent me Jewel To open my heart, fill my mind and to sooth my soul. Thank you God.
Posted by flaman August 29, 2013, 12:39 am.

Couldn't agree more, wildheart17. It seems that all my favorite artists' work grows boring and trite after they have children. Don't know why that is. But like you, I've already pre-bought the album so I'll support her no matter.
Posted by waltzingduck August 23, 2013, 11:02 pm.
Keep Up The Great Work Jewel!
I, for one, am grateful that Jewel has created two inspiring children’s albums, two children’s books, and a new Christmas album! Family is a primary cornerstone to everyone’s life, and my children enjoy listening to the children’s albums as much as I do and as much as I enjoyed, and still enjoy, Jewels past creations. No doubt, in the future, more great original work from Jewel will be Created and released as a gift from her to us for our listening pleasure! Jewel has been releasing a new major project about every 16 months in recent years; far more frequently than in the past. Keep up the great work Jewel, the children, and all people, who hear your children’s and holiday albums will remember you fondly for many years to come just as I do now and will in the future!
Posted by r_1241210843 August 15, 2013, 3:33 pm.
New Christmas Album
So excited about the new Christmas Album! Waiting a long time for this. Loved her first one so much used her version of Ave Maria at my Wedding. She has an amazing voice and anything she does will be good! I have followed her career from the beginning and what a journey it has been. You are an inspiration to us all! Love your music and the beautiful voice God has given you!
Posted by lcmaz2005 August 13, 2013, 9:21 pm.
It's chrimastime the angels sing, listen to the sleight bells ring
1st thing: I like the style of the cover. Clear colours, some magical kind of "blue crystal glow". 2nd: wildheart17, i think you're right about jewels release policy in the last 2-3 years, but listening to my brain i have to say, she gave birth to a child and has to focus more on raising this beautiful living than on be extremely creative and release another 90s style folk pop album. What she did with her last records and books was good and right but after the chrismas record it will be time to do something more new and exciting and bring an whole new album.
Posted by Pedersen August 12, 2013, 6:40 pm.

I love Jewel and will definitely support her by buying this album, but it seems like her projects are becoming increasingly boring, commercial, and "safe" - 2 children's albums in a row, a greatest hits CD, and now another Christmas CD? I wish she'd stop releasing these formulaic theme records just because they're marketable and do something truly bold and original again. It's hard to believe the same woman who gave us artistic tour de forces like Pieces of You and 0304 is churning out such uninspired fluff today. No offense to Jewel - like I said I will still be buying this record - I just think she's better than greatest hits and Christmas CDs.
Posted by wildheart17 August 11, 2013, 6:53 pm.