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Happy Holidays! NEW Club EDA Downloads!
Merry Christmas and an advance Happy New Year all! Jewel and Ty have had quite the year and I think I can safely say the same for The EDAs and and all of us here. We generally unveil new Club EDA downloads on the first of each month, but rather than wait until New Years day, we’re delivering them early... Read More
New Club EDA Downloads! From my personal Christmas playlist to yours...
Hi All, During the course of preparing the last two Club EDA downloads, I spent some time revisiting archive recordings that I made back in 1997. I rediscovered two songs that I wanted to share with the founding EDAs way back when, but never quite got around to it. I thought it would be fun to share both of them with you now. Neither recording has been heard before... Read More
New Club EDA Downloads!
Hi All, For this month’s free Club EDA download, we journey back to the beginning of the 1999 Spirit World Tour. As one who likes the darker side of Jewel’s writing and particularly enjoys when she sings in her lowest register, I could think of no better example than “Barcelona,” a haunting song that explores her feelings of alienation and dislocation following the initial stratospheric success of her first album. Read More
New Club EDA Downloads!
Hi All, One of the primary aspects of Jewel that has maintained my interest all these years is that with every album project, she continues to widen the scope of her music. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun this time around to investigate "Jupiter," Jewel's first conscious entry into the world of pop music. Read More
“The Merry Goes ‘Round” Lyrics!
Hi All, If you would enjoy following along while listening to Jewel’s “The Merry Goes ‘Round,” the lyrics to all the original songs are now available... Read More
Free Club EDA Download!
Hi All, For today’s free Club EDA download, we explore a song that had to fight its way into Jewel’s repertoire, “Everything Breaks.” For the first couple of years after she wrote it, the song was literally only performed once a year... Read More
New Club EDA Downloads!
We’ve shared hundreds of live recordings with you over the years, but I don’t think we’ve ever shared a performance dating back quite as far as today’s free Club EDA download. Also, in honor of the arrival of Jewel’ and Ty’s son... Read More
New Club EDA Download!
Hi All, Time for another free Club EDA download! Recorded at The Vogue Theater in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 29, 1997, we hope you enjoy this vintage live performance of... Read More
New Club EDA Download!
Hi again all! Anyone familiar with Jewel’s live concert performances may have noticed that some of her songs continue evolving over the course of years and even decades before being committed to an album. Read More
My Musings About TexFest
Ever have one of those dreams where the timeline and compartmentalized facets of your life seem to dissolve away and people from your past and present are morphing into the same dream? Read More