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Jewel: 2013 Setlists (Part 1)
Complete 2013 setlists for Jewel’s concerts and media performances here in chronological order. Read More
January Club EDA Download!
Happy New Year! It's time for #26 in Jewel's continuing series of monthly Club EDA exclusives and we're going to kick off the new year (a little early) with something special! For the first time since we began this series, we'll be sharing some never-before-seen vintage VIDEO footage with you. Read More
NEW Club EDA Downloads!
Hi again all, For this month's free Club EDA downloads, we explore the title song to Jewel's 6th album, Perfectly Clear, which was also her first for The Valory Music Company. Just seven months after the fledgling country music label's 2007 launch, Perfectly Clear would provide Valory their first #1 album and... Read More
NEW Club EDA Downloads!
Hi again all, For this month's free download, we journey back six years for a listen to Jewel's initial attempt at performing a live band arrangement of her dulcimer song, "Where You Are." Jewel acquired her dulcimer in 1997 as a gift from her friend Danny Ferrington, the renowned luthier also responsible for her now iconic blue guitar. Here are a few snapshots of Jewel playing that dulcimer... Read More
NEW Club EDA Download!
For this month's free Club EDA download, we've dug deep into the archive to feature an extremely rare live performance from 2001, a year that Jewel scheduled no concert tours. As far as I know, this appearance has been undocumented before now and I don’t recall it ever being mentioned anywhere. We also have several previously unseen snapshots to go along with it... Read More
NEW Club EDA Downloads!
Hi All, With the past couple of free Club EDA downloads we fulfilled a few requests, so now I feel like exploring one of my own personal favorites, "Do You," which I consider to be the most under-appreciated song on Jewel's second album Spirit.  Like several of my previous blogs, Jewel will again be dropping in to share with you some of her own recollections about writing this song. Read More
NEW Club EDA Downloads!
Hi All, This month's free Club EDA download was recently suggested by one of our most active EDA followers on Twitter, Vincent D'Agostino, who we had the pleasure of meeting a year ago at Jewel's Texfest event. He requested we showcase a live performance of... Read More
New Club EDA Downloads!
Hi All, Our last few Club EDA downloads have showcased songs of a rather serious nature, but with today being April Fool's Day, I thought it fitting to explore a song intended for pure fun this time around. We also return to the present for this month's free download and feature Jewel's debut (and only) live performance of... Read More
New Club EDA Downloads!
Hi All, For this months Club EDA download, we’re going to deliver on a long standing request so you can be a fly on the wall during a truly exceptional moment in time. Today we’ll be addressing... Read More
New Club EDA Downloads!
Hi All, The Discovery Network's Alaska: The Last Frontier episodes just aired and one of the results is an increased awareness about Jewel's upbringing in Homer, Alaska. For those who may have missed this program, it featured plenty of great footage at the Kilcher family homestead, where Jewel grew up, and focused on the survival skills handed down through three generations of the Kilcher family. With this program still fresh in the minds of many, we thought there's no better time to share... Read More